8 Top Tips for Choosing Wedding Dresses


Getting your dream wedding dress

The overwhelming experience of getting married is full of mixed emotions, one of which is stress. To make sure that stress doesn’t take over your wedding preparation we have 8 top tips for choosing wedding dresses.

1. Wedding Date

First of all, you need to know the date of your wedding. It gives you a timescale of when things need to be done by and when you will ultimately need that dream dress for! If you haven’t set a date, you run the risk of looking through too many dresses by telling yourself “I’ve got plenty of time, I’ll keep looking”.

2. Budget

Secondly set a budget! This is one of the most important steps. If you have budgeted well for your wedding you’ll know the maximum spend on your dress, so you know which dresses are out of bounds. Some brides go into a shop, see a dress they like and fall in love with it before they look at the price tag. Ending in either two ways: 1 a heartbroken (but wise) bride who can’t have her ‘dream dress’ or 2 the bride overspends on this ‘dream dress’ knowing she’ll have to cut the budget down on a different aspect of the wedding…probably the groom’s suit, best man’s suit and the usher’s suits.

3. Start Looking

Third, start looking as soon as possible. We don’t mean the day after getting engaged, get a venue and date set, and budget planned. After that it is the earliest you can start looking at dresses, you’ll have the venue in your mind with a possible colour theme – which will help you find your dress! Not that any bride has ever done this, but do not leave it until the last minute as you don’t want nightmares a month before your wedding. Fittings and alterations typically take a while too, so keep that into consideration.

4. Research

Do your research but keep an open mind. Research your body shape, dress styles and colours. Have an idea of what you want but still have an open mind if it doesn’t turn out the way you thought, try on some wedding dresses you don’t necessarily like the shape of as it might surprise you. Research hair styles and veils too, it will out help a lot having an idea of the complete outfit in your mind.

5. Accessories

Bring things with you. Get whoever is with you to take a photo of you in each dress (as long as the shop allows it). A dress looks a lot different in the mirror than on a photograph, and you’ll also have a ‘photo bank’ of dresses on you so you can compare. If you are wearing your grandma’s necklace or a particular pair of shoes, bring your accessories as they will help narrow down the search!

6. Choose Who will come with you

Be careful who you bring! It is nice to have your bridesmaids there, but you don’t actually want a big audience when trying on wedding dresses, it is an overwhelming process as it is and having a lot of people there can be even more overwhelming. You also don’t want anyone there to bend your opinion (mainly the mothers) as you need to have a dress YOU want not what someone else wants.

7. Comfort

Comfort and fit will be two of the most important factors when buying a dress. Too tight and you won’t be able to breathe or eat your delicious 3-course meal, too much lace could itch and irritate your skin throughout the day, heels too high you can’t walk in them. There are a lot of factors in a wedding dress, and you must be comfortable in your wedding dress!

8. ASK!

Last but not least, ask plenty of questions & sleep before you buy.

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8 Tips for choosing Wedding dresses