6 Things to Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Venue


Picking your Wedding Venue

Are you getting married this year? If so, congratulations! Your head will be full of great ideas no doubt, and so the search for a venue for your big day is on. Take a look The Stylish Bride‘s tips and things to consider before booking your wedding venue.

1. What is your priority?

Think about what your ‘must-haves’ are along with your theme. If one of your priorities is having long-distance family members at your wedding, which will have to travel a long way, then you need to make sure there is affordable accommodation for them either at the venue or nearby. Maybe your priority is for a beach wedding or a traditional castle, so be sure to narrow down your search.

2. Who gives the best packages?

Many venues will offer you various wedding venue packages, some of which have a lot included, but for how much? First of all, make sure everything is within your budget, and a lot of packages will include bits that you might not necessarily need or want, ask to take them out and reduce the cost but most importantly make sure you know 100% what you are and aren’t paying for.

3. What’s on the menu?

Everyone has very different tastes so make sure your wedding venue has a choice that both you and your guests will enjoy, including the possible buffet in the evening. If your venue doesn’t offer catering, find out how it is best for your caterers to be organised and where they need to go. If your venue does offer food as part of the package, be sure to sample it! The photos of the food might look beautiful, but if it doesn’t taste great, then it can ruin your day, especially when you’re hungry.

4. Which season?

Let’s say you’re getting married in the winter; you aren’t going to get the vibe that you need to make a right decision. It is important that you look at your wedding venue in the same season to get the right feel and it will help you visualise it. A minor thing you can do is think about the time of day you’re visiting when getting married in the summer it is good to know where the shaded areas are going to be. You can be ultra-prepared with your photographer knowing where the best areas are.

5. Adding Extras?

Consider sound, décor and lighting. Certain wedding venues have things built in, but others might have the bare minimum, so be sure to you know what you’re getting. If you have your heart set on paper lanterns be sure your venue will allow them and the other little touches you would like.

6. Rushing the decision?

Don’t rush any decision! Sleep on it, don’t act on impulse & most importantly read the reviews and if there are bad reviews, how many are there compared to the good? And what are the bad reviews saying?

Choosing Your Wedding Venue









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