The Best Wedding Dress Trends of 2017 & Why We Love Them

Wedding Dress Trends

With the bridal show of 2017 over with, we thought we would recap on the best wedding dress trends that are upcoming and what you can expect in the world of wedding dresses. We have picked out the best trends you’ll be seeing and why we love them so much.

Oversized bows

One trend seen throughout Bridal Week is oversized bows. Plain dresses come alive with this detailing whether it is at the front, back, high or low on the dress, we love this look! It’s not just clean cut bows either, ruffled knots, and lace ties are also up there adding detail in the most simplest form. Wedding dress trends come and go, and we hope this one stays!

Big Bows on Wedding Dresses






Pantone Colours

Here comes the bride all dressed in…pantone? Yes really! The slight subtlety of a colour is bringing life to wedding dresses in 2017. It’s not all about white and ivory this year, lilac, lemon chiffon and peach colours all appeared in the show this year, and they were elegantly gorgeous and aren’t in your face with colour which is why we love it.

3D Florals

Dresses are standing out left, right and centre with 3D florals, both floral patterns and individual flowers. When you are looking for something different, florals is the way to look to this spring and summer. The elegant flower trends are both chiffon and lace so whatever your taste in material there are plenty of gowns to suit your fancy.

3D Florals on wedding dresses

Plunging Necklines

The daring look of a plunging neckline will definitely give you attention on your wedding day. This look is more suited to a smaller chest for a subtle look which is what we love, and it doesn’t look too overpowering, yet still has the wow-factor.

Cut Outs

Cut outs were all the range in bridal week 2017. Perfect for showing off a bit of skin, without going over the top, keeping the sophisticated bride look. Add cut outs with lace, and embroidery and you get a dream wedding dress.

High-low Hem

Show off the legs with a high-low hem. You get all the pleasure of having a long wedding dress without the need to pick the front hem up when you are walking around. With this style, you get to show off your legs and be more daring with detailed shows as you will be able to show them off.

Toppers and Capes

Out of all the wedding dress trends, this is our ultimate favourite. It has been around for years but has taken a modern turn are toppers and capes. You can get them in absolutely any style and material, and 2017 is pushing the boundaries with it. This trend tops off your wedding outfit perfectly whether it is a faux fur cape in the winter or a Bardot crocheted topper for an amazing summer look.

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2017 Wedding Dress Trends